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Avyra’s selection of fully integrated mobile marketing and communication solutions include  

  • Mobile campaign management tools from planning to tracking and analysis
  • Coupons and sweepstakes systems
  • Mobile customer relationship management (mCRM) and Loyalty Plan management
  • Mobile Websites creation and management
  • Management of all messaging formats
  • Smartphone application development with implemented campaign features

Operators Avyra provides mobile operators strategic solutions developed to increase average revenue per user and decrease churn. From personalized messaging, through customer relation management, to setting up a portal with targeted content that opens up new revenue streams.

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Agencies With Avyra’s campaign management tools, agencies can easily plan, launch and mange cost-effective mobile campaigns, complete with a tracking system that provides real-time reporting. The platform also enables special features such as coupons and interactive contests.

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Brands In addition to campaign management, and customer relation management, Avyra’s portal management solution enables brands to establish a presence in the mobile web using portals, microsites or landing pages featuring engaging content automatically filtered and adjusted to segments.

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