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Solutions: Brands

Avyra’s platform offers brands a variety of integrating tools that turn the mobile channel into a compelling experience that opens new revenue streams, enhances conversion, and establishes communication that strengthens loyalty. The mobile device offers accessibility to special interest groups or hard-to-reach audiences.

Establishing Brand Awareness

Avyra’s solutions strengthen your market presence by capturing the attention of targeted audiences through profiled content. By using Avyra’s portal management solution and integrated tools you can extend your brand into the mobile internet through portals, microsites or landing pages that include engaging and interactive content.

Customer Communication and Relationship

Avyra’s platform enables brands to constantly stay in touch with customers across platforms and territories. Using the Mobile customer relationship management (mCRM), brands can study and anticipate customers’ preferences, and maintain a fast and effective communication channel. In addition, Avyra employs the mobile device to run customer loyalty plans.

Advertising and Marketing

Avyra’s mobile campaign management tools provide a fully integrated system to run an entire campaign or launch, manage and monitor specific promotions – both can be managed in several territories and languages. The banner management system provides automatic rendering adjustment according to the user’s device, and complete traffic and performance tracking and analysis.

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