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Solutions: Operators

Avyra provides mobile operators with a range of solutions designed to increase average revenue per user as well as increase subscribers loyalty. Our solutions provide a cost effective way to leave an impact through mobile marketing campaigns. Avyra's solutions aim to establish a unique mobile experience with an added value for the user along with business tools that increase revenue and provide useful marketing insights for the operator.

As mobile operators search for ways to increase subscribers' loyalty and engagement as well as to continuously open new revenue streams, Avyra provides complementing mobile tools that can be used separately or together to achieve these goals.

Mobile Marketing

Our campaign management tools enable operators to run targeted cost-effective mobile marketing campaigns that enhance customer interaction. Customer acquisition and retention are managed through technological processes that usefully deduct on subscribers' behavior and preferences and provide accurate real-time reporting. Our platform provides easy and quick cross-country campaign launch.

Loyalty Plans

Minimizing churn is one of the biggest challenges the operator faces. Avyra enables custom-made and dynamic Loyalty Plans that increase brand awareness and loyalty. Operators can rise above price wars with rivals who lure away subscribers, by tailoring the rewards to the profile of the subscriber using mCRM systems. Profiling segments include churn risk, ARPU, and lifetime. In addition to tailored rewards, the Loyalty Plan encourages interaction and incentivizes added services.

Mobile Websites

Operators can increase subscribers' loyalty and satisfaction through the mobile internet portal that offers added value to the user and additional revenue streams and business venues for the operator.

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