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Solutions: Agencies

Avyra’s platform enables agencies to offer clients innovative and highly effective marketing campaigns through the channels of mobile devices. Avyra’s campaign management tools enable agencies to run and fully manage mobile campaigns, with complete control over rendering and monitoring. Avyra offers several integrating advertising channels.

Mobile Advertising Campaign Management

With Avyra’s campaign management tools you can run targeted and cost-effective campaigns, with high impact. Our platform integrates with a banner system that provides you with real-time accurate traffic and performance reporting and analysis. Our services include targeted media purchase from third party ad network partners, or setting up your own mobile website or landing page to communicate with your market.

Brand awareness

Avyra’s solutions enable agencies to deepen their client’s mobile presence and reach higher than ever penetration rates. With Avyra’s portal management solution, you can create and easily manage engaging mobile sites or landing pages complete with interactive features that enhance communication with the end user through personalized experiences.

Promotions and Coupons

Avyra’s platform enables agencies to run compelling and buzz-building promotions through the mobile channel, such as coupons that can be redeem through the phone, interactive contests, and more. The promotions can be run cross-country and in different languages.

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