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Avyra is an innovative provider of mobile technology in the field of mobile marketing and customer relationship management. Avyra’s integrated solutions bring together a robust back-end, user-friendly management systems, and strong analytical tools that helps mobile operators, agencies and brands to create new revenue streams, increase customer loyalty and run cost-effective yet compelling promotions and marketing campaigns that reach audiences through their mobile devices.

Avyra’s tools help you execute effective media planning and buying, and develop engaging mobile websites and smartphone applications combined with attractive and well targeted features such as coupons and sweepstakes that significantly increase conversion and retention rates. The campaign management tool provides fast and easy to use advertising tools with accurate real-time tracking, complete with analytics. Avyra’s Mobile customer relationship management (mCRM) and Loyalty Plan manager help you increase brand awareness and loyalty through compelling, profiled and quick interaction.


• Mobile campaign management tools
• Coupons and sweepstakes systems
• Mobile customer relationship management (mCRM)
• Loyalty Plan management
• Mobile Websites creation and management
• Management of all messaging formats
• Smartphone application development

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